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68 oz. Avance Collection 10-Speed Blender Stainless Steel/Black Blender with ProBlend Extreme Technology

ProBlend Extreme technology is powerful and makes delicious, smooth and finely-blended recipes, whether you're blending soft fruits or hard nuts. And with its noise reduction dome, your family can even sleep while you blend. The High-Speed Power Blender is 1800-Watts and its motor speed is up to 35,000 RPM to easily pulverize hard ingredients. This breaks cell walls and releases higher amounts of nutrients including carotenoids, Vitamins A and C.
  • Supreme blending performance- problend extreme nutrient release technology- powerful motor of 1800-Watt and 35000 RPM
  • High power, low noise- noise dome to reduce blending noiseeasy to use
  • Easy to use- digital ui screen with 5 pre-programmed modes- manual mode with variable speed- including recipe booklet with 30-recipes
  • Easy to clean- dishwasher safe blender jar- easy to clean
  • Digital ui screen with 5 pre-programmed modes andmanual mode with variable speed options
  • From gentle blending for soft fruits - to a burst ofpower for harder fruand vegetables it's up to youwith our variable manual speed options