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BRK 10-Year Battery Hardwired Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector


The BRKl 7030BSL combination hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide alarm features an LED strobe light. The 77 Candela LED strobe light, specifically designed for residential and institutional applications including hospital sleeping rooms, hotels, motels, public housing, dormitories and other multi-family dwellings. The Smart Strobe has separate flash patterns to help distinguish between smoke, heat and carbon monoxide for the hearing impaired. The alarm latch indicator identifies which alarm initiated the alert, even after the alarm condition has subsided. Convenient silence features temporarily silence unwanted alarms or low battery or end-of-life chirps.
  • 2-In-1 smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

  • Smart Strobe has separate flash patterns for smoke, heat and CO

  • Provides visual warning to alert hearing impaired

  • 1 Hz flash rate meets can ULC 5526 requirements for visual signaling

  • Strobe signal synchronization

  • 10-Year sealed battery backup

  • Two silence features, temporarily silence low battery chirp for up to 8 hours before replacing battery or silence an unwanted alarm for several minutes

  • Loud 85-decibel alarm

  • Smoke and CO alarms should be placed on every level and in every bedroom of the home