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Cadet 5000-Watt Electric Garage Heater with Thermostat


Loaded with features, this powerful compact unit heater heats quickly and offers great value. This tough and rugged heater is perfect for storage areas, workshops and garages. The adjustable louvers’ direct warm air where needed. It has a built-in single-pole bulb thermostat for accurate temperature control. The fan delay uses residual heat for economical performance.
  • The heating element has a metal tubular sheath fused with spiral steel fins and the heating element contains a high quality nickel-chromium wire, encased in solidly packed magnesium oxide insulation

  • The cabinet is constructed of 18 gauge die formed steel and the units have adjustable 20 gauge convex profile air directing louvers

  • Built-in single pole thermostat 7-25C (45-77F)

  • Hybrid polyester epoxy powder coat paint finish

  • The louvers are friction fastened to a single piece 20 gauge frame to prevent movement, once adjusted to the desired position