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Funphix Create And Play Life Size Structures Standard Set Fun and Educational Learning Toy (199-Piece)

Product Overview

Funphix BUILD WITH IT PLAY ON IT. Funphix toys is a unique construction system which enhances and encourages teamwork ability, motor skills, as well as physical play on your self-built play structure. With Funphix toys your children will soon become serious designers, analyzers and planners in their own construction world. They can build a variety of designs including kiddie house, storefront, playground, and slides, the design possibilities are limited only by their imagination. Ultimately the children then use the self-built play structure for climbing, sliding, and endless hours of imaginative play. At the beginning you can join with your kids and build structures as shown in the user manual and soon they will come to you with their own design suggestions. Parents nowadays want their kids to think outside of the box and become geniuses 1-day. Get the Funphix toys to make them creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Funphix INCLUDES The standard set contains 199-pieces of connectors, tubes, panels and screws made of very durable thermoplastic materials that are designed to last. You can use this construction set in your kids playroom during the winter or take it to the outside during the summer. BACKED BY FunphixS ULTIMATE HAPPINESS GUARANTEE. We have made a complete commitment in making you happy with your purchase. 
  • Build with it play on it, try Funphix construction toys set and bring your kids endless enjoyment by playing with the fun structure they built on their own, encourages creative thinking, teamwork ability, motor skills, and ultimately endless hours of imaginative play, ideal for kids between ages 2 to 12
  • More shapes, more designs, you are getting a total of 199-pieces, including connectors, tubes, panels, keys, screws and panel screws, so the designs are limited only by your imagination, you can always expand on your collection by adding on additional Funphix sets, our engineering toy set is a perfect way for parents and grandparents to spend time with their kids
  • Premium construction, our kids educational toys are made with quality and safety in mind, the components are made of very durable, thermoplastic materials guaranteed for years of use and are perfect for both indoors and outdoors, the structures can hold a capacity weight of up to 110 lbs. to play on it
  • Super easy to assemble and disassemble, simply put a tube over a connector and insert a screw, then use a key to turn the screw 90 to lock the tube with the connector, to detach a tube from a connector, first remove the screw by turning it back 90 then turn the tube slightly and remove from the connector, a comprehensive instruction manual which outlines the basic assemblies/fun structures and safety warnings is included with every builder toys set
  • Sweet satisfaction guaranteed, our indoor/outdoor playset is the best birthday or holiday gift that you can choose for your kids to make their playtime instantly fun, so why wait, click add to cart button up there and make your kids playtime extra memorable