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Great States 16-in 5 Reel Lawn Mower


Make mowing the lawn feel easier and more efficient with the Great States 16" 5-blade push reel lawn mower. The manual push hand reel rotary mower is easy to assemble and, more importantly, allows you to keep your lawn looking neat and trim without making too much noise and bothering your neighbors. You can move the lawn push manual hand mower around with ease, because the handles are comfortable on your hands. No motor, no wires, no cords, and no gas or oil make for a clean and easy mowing job every time. Quiet operation and zero carbon emissions make owning a manual push hand reel lawn mower an easy choice.
  • Manual push reel lawn mower features quick, adjustable cutting height of 1-in - 2.5-in for a clean, even cut every time

  • 16-In cutting width, 5-blade ball bearing reel, and 10-in composite wheels make using this manual hand push reel lawn mower easy

  • Blades of the manual hand push reel lawn mower are made of quality, heat-treated alloy steel for staying sharp longer

  • T-style handle with cushioned grip and lightweight design for comfort when using this manual hand push reel lawn mower

  • Easy, tool-less assembly

  • Clean and quiet way to maintain your lawn

  • Great States manual hand push rotary reel lawn mower requires no gas or oil