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Step2 Pump & Splash Discovery Pond Toy


  • Rotating water pump activates three areas of water play: down a channel to a funnel and spinning paddlewheel, into a 'rain showers' effect tray, and through a funnel with drain into a fill-and-spill bucket below
  • All water from each activity collects in the ground-level pond base at the perfect height for little ones to sit and dip their toes!
  • Pond base measures 40" x 30" and is large enough for smaller children to sit in as a wading pool with parental supervision
  • Realistic stacked stone detailing, molded-in wood grain texture, and traditional water pump design featuring 'metallic' accents
  • Multiple kids can play together with the water pump and included accessories, creating a fun way to teach sharing, taking turns, social skills, and even cause and effect through play